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Sex Pheromones Perufme Miyoshi Miyagi New York Female to Male 0.08fl oz 2.4ml

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Sex Pheromones Perufme Miyoshi Miyagi New York Female to Male 0.08fl oz 2.4ml
Sex Pheromones Perufme Miyoshi Miyagi New York Female to Male 0.08fl oz 2.4ml


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Perfume Miyoshi Miyagi New York 0.08 fl oz. /2.4ml

Cooperation with leading experts from around the world, 9 years of research, individual particles and an innovative mode of production guarantee the highest quality. The Next Generation Pheromones formula are the most effective pheromones on the market.

During the research we did, we observed the synergy that occurs between odorless nature, that is, pheromones and the groups of fragrances that help greatly in its operation. The specially selected fragrance ingredients used in the production of Next scents were enriched with incredibly effective and powerful complex pheromones.

As a result, they stimulate the action not only of the opposite sex, but also of business partners, which we convince ourselves when we test our products in environments where, generally, there is a contact between different groups of people.

The mega-active pheromone complex (up to 7 stars!) Mixed with specially chosen fragrance notes is sure to please everyone.

The modern woman as a mythical mermaid, attracts the man in thousands of different ways, sometimes just to take him to his room, sometimes to keep him longer ... Although independent and assertive, she seeks a safe haven next to her dream companion.

With these exceptional women in mind, Miyoshi Myiagi Next perfumes were created with the new generation active pheromone complex. Its unique fragrance was designed as a symbol of the next step towards total femininity.


  • Fresh and femenine touch that stimulates men desire
  • High concentration of sex female pheromones
  • Increase your sex appeal
  • Improves your confidence with men, to the point of attracting and arousing them
  • 100% safe, Genuine and Guaranteed



·         Brand: Miyoshi Miyagi

·         Name: New York Female to Male

·         Made in Poland

·         0.08 fl oz  / 2.4ml

·         Attention: results may vary from individual to individual


Olfactory notes:

·         Head: black currant

·         Heart: freesia, rose

·         Base: vanilla, ambroxan, patchouli, tree

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