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Secretplay golden light edible powder and feather kit - strawberries & CAVA

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Secretplay golden light edible powder and feather kit - strawberries & CAVA
Secretplay golden light edible powder and feather kit - strawberries & CAVA


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Delicious and soft edible powders that you will enjoy for their irresistible strawberry flavor with cava and that at the same time will leave a beautiful golden glow on your skin. Also giving you an experience that will give free rein to your imagination and in which there will be moments of complicity.

This case contains a feather so that you can spread the powder well over your partner's body and stimulate every corner of his body, its softness will take you to a world of unique sensations, caresses are guaranteed and also tickles, be careful with laughter .

This experience will awaken your 5 senses like never before, the sense of sight, which is the most developed by humans, will be further sharpened by the shine effect that the powders leave on your skin, the sense of hearing also comes into play, it can be the sound of the duster spreading the powder on your skin or that of your partner is very stimulating, the sense of smell is no less important in this case, because the aroma of strawberry & cava is so enchanting that it will make you want to smell it all the time, the The sense of touch acts in such a way that you can caress and run the body of your partner with the pen, and finally the sense of taste plays a really decisive role in this experience, since you can lick, suck, kiss or devour the body of your partner until leaving no trace of powder. Enjoy using your tongue to taste these 100% edible powders! Watch your partner quiver and passion explode.

It also contains a satin bag so you can store your powders using them as many times as you want.


Edible powders:
40 grams
Strawberry & cava flavor
100% edible
golden glitter
1 satin bag
1 duster
Ingredients: Sugar (Dextrose, Anti-caking Agent E-170, Sugar, Vegetable Fat (Hydrogenated Palm)), Corn Starch, Flavorings (Potato Maltodextrin, Dextrose, LACTOSE, Stabilizer E-414, Salt, Aromatic Substances (Natural and Natural Identical)) , Dyes E-555, E-122, E-124

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