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Mythology colby nayade fantasy dildo M super flexible suction cup sex toy

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Mythology colby nayade fantasy dildo M super flexible suction cup sex toy
Mythology colby nayade fantasy dildo M super flexible suction cup sex toy


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The new range of MYTHOLOGY incorporates innovative dildos with unique designs and colors. Designed to attract attention, making all your fantasies come true. In addition, all Mythology brand dildos are adaptable to the Fantasy Harness line.

Size M
Total Length: 17cm
Insertable Length: 10 cm
Diameter: 3cm
Colour: Nayade
super flexible
strong suction base
Soft, skin-safe silicone - BPA Free
no vibration
Its use is recommended with water-based lubricants.
Includes FREE single-dose WATERFEEL NATURAL 6 ml
MYTHOLOGY consists of a range of dildos, all of them made of high-end silicone, available in two versions (with vibration and without vibration) and different sizes (S, M, L). The version with vibration, rechargeable, compatible with Watchme technology.

What are the benefits of using MYTHOLOGY ?

Enjoying having sex is, for many, a taboo, even more so when talking about sexual practices with some unusual or traditional additional elements.

Within these optional practices, MYTHOLOGY is born in the line of innovative sex toys; however, for what are the benefits of using this innovative and exclusive brand?

The MYTHOLOGY brand are dildos that serve both for self-stimulation (masturbation), as well as to intensify pleasure with your partner. It is little known that sex toys not only serve to increase enjoyment in our sexuality, but also help to improve and resolve sexual dysfunctions. On the other hand, they have more uses than we think and it doesn't have to be used as a replacement for something, but rather it can be complemented quite well with what we already know how to use.

Next, let's learn about the benefits of using the new line of MYTHOLOGY pleasure intensifiers, both for our individual use and when we are with our partner and seek to achieve pleasure in different ways:

Discover yourself
MYTHOLOGY lets you know what you like, where you like it, and how you like it. It helps you get to know yourself better and discover new erogenous zones and enjoy them.

MYTHOLOGY offers a wide range of vibrating dildos made of 100% medical silicone.

They also adapt to the Fantasy Mythologic Harness line that complement a line of dildos that is unique in quality, shape, and presentation.

break the monotony
Practicing with MYTHOLOGY will allow you to play and try new sensations, breaking the routine of what we are used to doing.

complement yourself
MYTHOLOGY does not have the objective of replacing but, above all, to complement during sex. Whether exploring erogenous zones or accompanying penetration, etc.

know yourself
It will make it easier for you to get to know yourself, in such a way that you know what you like and what you don't like, and thanks to this information, share with your partner what you like or don't like about sex.

Break free
It is very important that, to use these objectives, you are as free as possible from judgments or guilt, because enjoying sexuality will help you release the stress accumulated during the day, relieving headaches, back pain, helping you feel better and favoring your orgasms.

get active
MYTHOLOGY allows you to keep your sexual life active, enjoying relationships with your partner a little more and keeping desire alive.


Mythology consists of a range of dildos, all of them made of PREMIUM liquid silicone, available in two versions (with vibration and without vibration) and different sizes (S, M, L). The version with vibration, rechargeable, is 100% compatible with Watchme technology.

Completely unique finishes and terminations, Ferrous, Duotone or Galactic.

The finish and finish is not only visibly special, but also internally, an innovative PREMIUM liquid silicone that changes color based on temperature.

Unique Presentation.

Opening a MYTHOLOGY product is an authentic experience, visibly from the outside you can see the interior, in a totally cylindrical container that allows you to see what you can expect when discovering the interior. In a totally visual way, each MYTHOLOGY has logos that allow you to see if it has vibration and if it is compatible with WATCHME technology (remote control watch).


The most obvious answer is, of course, its size, closely followed by its better-than-life shape. New design, totally popular among people who have already had the opportunity to try it. The tip of the MYTHOLOGY dildos is incredible for a G-spot or prostate massage, alone or with a partner. The firm shaft flexes just enough for easy play, and the PREMIUM liquid silicone cushions as you play.


Yes, the entire MYTHOLOGY range will be available with or without vibration. The vibrating range will be compatible with the WATCHME remote control watch.


What do you take us for? Do you think we would design this beautiful specimen and not let you tie it up? Not only is it great in a harness, but the slim base also makes for extra sexy play.

The entire MYTHOLOGY range has a compatible harness in size S/M and L/XL.


It certainly does! It may not look like it, but it can be attached to smooth, flat surfaces like mirrors and shower walls. You can even stick it to the smooth floor to play.

Remember... MYTHOLOGY is the new versatile dildo
An incredible length to try different positions
Awesome for leash play including pegging
Firm yet flexible silicone with just the right elasticity
Extra-thin base lets you get closer than ever

If you are not satisfied with your order, write to us within 30 days for a product refund.

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