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Intense pump - transparent pump 02

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Intense pump - transparent pump 02
Intense pump - transparent pump 02


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All Intense Penis Pumps are here to impress with a fantastic range of penis enlargement devices!

Intense Penis Pump is the best way to improve your sexual performance, size and stamina. We have sent product samples to men between the ages of 22 and 45 with erection problems or simply to improve the performance and size of the penis. The feedback was 100% positive, everyone has verified that it is the best product on the market.

Intense Penis Pump helps achieve an erection more easily by using a vacuum system that concentrates blood in the penis when it is still flaccid. The erection is achieved and maintained by means of a comfortable and hermetic seal at the base of the body, just at the junction of the penis with the pubis, thanks to which the blood is kept in the trunk. Thanks to the sleeve, the seal is firm, comfortable and tight without squeezing.

Doctors view the penis pump as an effective and inexpensive treatment for erectile dysfunction and state that prolonged use of the device will permanently increase the size of the penis.

Other advantages of the Intense Penis Pump variety are, among others, delayed ejaculation, improvement in sexual appetite, testosterone boost, maintenance of harder and longer lasting erections and support of penile tissue after prostate surgery.

Intense Penis Pump 02 improves your performance thanks to the built-in gauge. At a more advanced level, the calibration system is necessary to optimize performance and guarantee the real pressure.

To use, simply insert your penis into the cylinder, squeeze the medical-style handle, and watch your penis gain power with great pleasure! The elastic nozzle forms a perfectly tight seal against your skin and creates a powerful vacuum within the chamber, forcing your penis to rapidly expand in both length and girth. The transparent cylinder allows you to see how your member gets bigger and thicker with each pump.

When you've reached your desired size, simply press the quick release button to instantly relieve pressure and you're ready to play!

When you're done, just detach the cylinder from the hose and clean it with Waterfeel Toy Cleaner Gel and warm water.

INTENSE Penis Pump, gives you instant results!

Technical specifications of Intense Penis Pump 02;
insertable length; 20cm
Overall inside diameter; 6.5cm
Material; abs + silicone

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