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Intense pump - automatic pump

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Intense pump - automatic pump
Intense pump - automatic pump


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Take penis enlargement from the cyber age with our most advanced automatic erection pump ever created! After just a few times, you'll discover thick, throbbing erections that last and last.

Developed as a safe and affordable non-surgical alternative to expensive medical procedures and pills, this handheld penis pump is the easiest way to instantly enlarge your penis without any side effects.

Just insert your penis into the cylinder, press the button, and watch your penis get the power with a lot of pleasure! The elastic nozzle forms a perfectly tight seal against your skin and creates a powerful vacuum within the chamber, forcing your penis to rapidly expand in both length and girth.

The transparent cylinder allows you to see how your member gets bigger and fatter with the automatic increase in pressure. When you have reached the desired point, press the button so that that pressure disappears.
When you're done, just detach the cylinder from the hose and clean it with Waterfeel toy cleaner gel or stertoy sterilizer.

All Intense Pumps are here to impress with a fantastic range of penis enlargement devices!

Intense Pump helps achieve an erection more easily using a vacuum system that causes blood to concentrate in the penis when it is still flaccid. The erection is achieved and maintained by means of a comfortable and hermetic seal at the base of the body, just at the junction of the penis with the pubis, thanks to which the blood is kept in the trunk. Thanks to the sleeve, the seal is firm, comfortable and tight without squeezing.

Intense Pump gives you instant results!

Technical specifications of Pump Addicted RX11;

Works with AAA batteries (Not included)
Insertable length: 17cm
Total inner diameter: 6.5 cm
Material; abs + silicone
Free of Phalatos

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