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Gnetics extender penis enlargement

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Gnetics extender penis enlargement
Gnetics extender penis enlargement


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Gnetics Extender is an advanced device made to enlarge the penis using the traction method and the innovative Ergoturn® system, which allows the penis to be placed in its natural position, thus avoiding possible pain associated with its use. This extender is responsible for developing the tissues of the male member, enlarging the proportions and correcting its curvature (Peyronie's disease), thus generating greater pleasure in sexual intercourse.

Gnetics Extender is indicated for:

Lengthen and enlarge the penis naturally
Increase sexual response and confidence
Cure Peyronie's syndrome
The penis enlargement device, Gnetics Extender, is based on a completely natural traction system to increase the size of the penis. Thanks to their extensors and their traction, they generate an increase in the male member in a natural and simple way. The Gnetics Extender penis extender has the patented Ergoturn® system that allows the penis to be placed in its natural position to avoid pain by providing a 45 degree turn unlike other extenders. This feature gives you comfort and softness, avoiding possible pain when turning.

The device consists of:

1. Ergoturn Technology: It offers the user the possibility of choosing the position of the penis that is most comfortable for him, since it adapts without problem thanks to its wide turning radius.
2. Multifunctional silicone closure: Allows the user to choose the most comfortable closure between two different types of silicone. The advantage is that it is reduced to a single multifunctional piece that incorporates both types of closure, thus simplifying the mechanism.
3. Avant-garde and ergonomic design: Innovative and ergonomic design, which allows it to be easily adapted to the characteristics and size of each user's penis.
4. Very safe and resistant simplified rods: The rods have internal springs in each of their side bars that maintain a stretching load on the penis, which can be adjusted by turning one of the bars.

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