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Feroman Pheromones Concentrated Perfume Man to Attract Hot Woman 20ml

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Feroman Pheromones Concentrated Perfume Man to Attract Hot Woman 20ml
Feroman Pheromones Concentrated Perfume Man to Attract Hot Woman 20ml


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Feroman Sex Pheromones Concentrated Perfume Man to Attract Hot Woman 20ml

"Feroman Concentre" contains active ingredients that act as a synergistic enhancer of the production of the male pheromones androstadienone. Feroman considerably increases its production by 269%, to achieve, in a few minutes, an increase in natural pheromones.

Pheromones are odorless and consciously undetectable natural substances that trigger a deep sexual response in the brain of those who come in contact with them, and that is related to sexual attraction. Its production and secretion are natural processes and hormonally regulated by stimuli of the nervous system that reach the cells of the apocrine glands and the sebocytes of the sebaceous glands. .

"Feroman concentre", has the property of modulating the own production of pheromones upwards through the synergistic action of its components, tripling the production of androstadienone; its action is almost immediate; With “feroman concentre” you will feel more self-confident, more attractive and desired, and you will gain more confidence to act and seduce. The product is designed to activate, in man, the powerful action of the synthesis of his own pheromones, more than three times as many foreign or synthetic pheromones.

Feroman concentre is the natural alternative to increase the production of androstadienone pheromones.

It has no odor, it is compatible with perfume or eau de cologne for personal and habitual use, without altering the aromas.

A product that will help to enhance and release the pheromones themselves, turning man into a unique symbol of seduction.



  • Fresh and masculine touch that stimulates female desire and labido
  • High concentration of sex male pheromones
  • Increase your sex appeal, your charm
  • Increase female sex libido
  • Improves your confidence with women, to the point of attracting and arousing them
  • 100% safe, Genuine and Guaranteed



·         Brand: Eros-Art

·         Made in Spain

·         20ml

·         Attention: results may vary from individual to individual


How to use:

A few drops for attract the women’s

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