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Confortex Condoms - Strawberry

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Confortex Condoms - Strawberry
Confortex Condoms - Strawberry
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CONFORTEX FRESA condoms are made with the best quality raw materials. They are approved sanitary products with CE0120 marking.

All of our condoms meet all the requirements of the Community Directive 93/42 / EEC on medical devices and verified in accordance with the EN ISO 4074 standard, which specifies both the requirements for single-use rubber condoms, as well as the characteristics and the test methods.

The tests carried out on all CONFORTEX FRESA condoms to guarantee their quality and safety, go beyond those required by international standards. For this reason, 100% of our condoms are verified through a rigorous electronic test and subjected to strict microbiological control.

Its unmistakable designs together with its daring color combination make CONFORTEX FRESA an easy to identify product with which you will experience safer sex that is more fun.

The unit package of CONFORTEX FRESA condoms includes instructions and indications for use and conservation, as well as all the information necessary for their use in full safety.

CONFORTEX STRAWBERRY condoms have an expiration date of 5 years from their manufacture. All our packages are printed with both the expiration date and the batch number for identification. The expiration date indicates the period of use with optimal results.

Shape: Anatomic
Material: High quality natural rubber latex
Size: Standard
Minimum Length: 160 mm
Nominal Width: 53 ± 2mm
Thickness: 0.065 ± 0.015mm
Flavor: Strawberry
Color: Transparent Pink
Lubrication: Lubricated with strawberry scent
Texture: Smooth
Expiration: 5 years from the date of manufacture
Certificates: CE0120 Marking and EN ISO 4074, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certificates

Open the condom container by the jagged area being careful not to damage it with nails, rings or teeth. Once opened and before putting it on, check if the condom is on the right side or the other way around (this can be done by blowing a little inside the condom to see which way we have to unroll it).
Place the condom on the erect penis before any vaginal or oral penetration. Press the tip of the condom reservoir to expel the air and make room for the semen. Unroll the condom until it completely covers the penis. Our condoms come with a built-in lubricant, but if it is not enough, use a water-based CONFORTEX Lubricant Gel to facilitate penetration and compatible with condoms.
After ejaculating, and before the erection decreases, the condom must be removed, holding it firmly by its base to prevent the semen from escaping.
Check that it has not broken (by filling it with water and pressing the tank), tie it up and throw it in the trash, never in the toilet or on the street (keep in mind that condoms are not biodegradable). Use a new condom every time you have sex or if you change your sexual practice.

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