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Cobeco Tasty Guarana Lube personal lubricant oral sex 100ml

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Cobeco Tasty Guarana Lube personal lubricant oral sex 100ml
Cobeco Tasty Guarana Lube personal lubricant oral sex 100ml


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CBL Tasty Lube Guarana is an intimate water-based lubricant with the sensual flavor of Guarana.

This intimate lubricant has a hydrating and moisturizing effect. It gives more comfort during sexual activities and complements the natural body moisture, which makes the sexual intercourse more intense. 

  • CBL Tasty Lube Guarana gives more erotic pleasure for both partners. 
  • This lubricant can also be used in combination with latex condoms.
  • Amount: 100 ml

How does the product work?

Apply a desired amount of the lubricant onto the selected body parts and spread it onto the skin. The water-based formula gives the product a light and easy spreadable texture, which is neutral to the skin.

This lubricant creates a soft and comfortable feeling during use.

A water-based formula like this will be largely absorbed by the skin over time, apply if desired extra lubricant during use to ensure a continuous pleasurable gliding. This lubricant can be easily washed off if necessary.

The sensual Guarana flavor enhances the erotic pleasure for both partners.

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