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Bathmate penis pump hydroxtreme 11

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Bathmate penis pump hydroxtreme 11
Bathmate penis pump hydroxtreme 11


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The HYDROXTREME 11 takes your hydrotherapy training to a whole new level. It's our most powerful pump to date with the same unique, world-patented design, and comes with many additions. A handball pump is included that works in water for a more extreme pumping sensation, maximum gains and the benefit of absolute comfort and control.

Thanks to the enormous potential of hydraulic force, Bathmate can exert greater suction power than its competitors, forcing the expansion of the corpora cavernosa and increasing the size of your penis in a minimum of time. With Bathmate you can achieve a size increase discreetly and peacefully in the privacy of your bathtub or shower.

Thousands of men who have already used Bathmate have been pleasantly surprised by the rapid results achieved. With the use of Bathmate we can get the extra length and girth that we have always wanted.

Perhaps you didn't know that you could dramatically increase the size of your penis, in the comfort and privacy of your own bathroom with amazing results, in just 15 to 20 minutes a day for 6 weeks. With Bathmate you will achieve a much thicker, longer and healthier penis giving you permanent gains that can be enjoyed forever!

Many men are using this device right now, sitting in their bath or shower...getting instant, effective, fast progressing results only with Bathmate.

How is it used?

1) Fill the bathtub with water.
2) Once you are in the tub, place the Bathmate under the water until it is completely filled. The penis is then inserted inside and rests on the base of the pelvis.
3) Repeatedly push the Bathmate towards you. This operates the hydraulic contraction mechanism in the pump base, creating the effect of a vacuum. You will begin to feel the pressure increases. As the water is evacuated from the interior through the upper valve, the penis expands more and more.
4) Once you can't pump anymore, just rest for five minutes. The most optimal vacuum is when you can no longer expel any more water from inside the Bathmate.
5) Repeat the pumping operation every four or five minutes, rest and repeat the maneuver. It is necessary to repeat this operation, since in each compression cycle, there is a moment in which no more water can be extracted.
6) If you feel the pressure is too strong, release the upper valve slightly. Remember to do it in the water to prevent air from entering. After 15-20 minutes of use, reduce the pressure by pressing the pressure release on the top of the Bathmate. Then stand and see immediate results. You won't be disappointed!
8) It is recommended to use 15 to 20 minutes per session, three times a week for best results.

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