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Andropenis gold penis extender

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Andropenis gold penis extender
Andropenis gold penis extender


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Andropenis Gold is the original Andromedical device and with over 500,000 satisfied customers it is the laboratory's best selling penis extender.

Andromedical is a urological laboratory that has been researching medical treatments to enlarge the penis for years

Currently, we propose a system based on the use of devices called penis extenders.

These extenders at the forefront of technology in terms of exclusively non-surgical solutions, are presented as a method of penis enlargement to consider for those people who do not wish to undergo surgery.

Thanks to its use, it is possible to obtain an increase in the penis both in erection and in flaccidity and this with complete safety since our CE certified devices have been scientifically tested.

According to studies on penis enlargement carried out with Andropenis, there is a success rate of 97.5% (PubMed) of the cases that follow the treatment. For most patients, this translates into penile enlargement of up to 4 cm (1.6 inches) (PubMed & Nature) and an increase in penile girth (girth) of up to 1.5 cm (0. 6 inches) ( JSM = PDF ).

Although it increases the size, it does not do so at the cost of thickness. Quite the contrary, Andropenis stimulates cell growth and multiplication through the natural method of traction and adaptation (PubMed).

Andropenis, is registered with the Health Authorities of the European Union, and is classified as a Class I medical device. In addition, Andromedical has the ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management System, and ISO 13485:2003, Apparatus certificates. Doctors, proving that Andromedical is safe and reliable.

Likewise, all the studies and tests carried out confirm that, if used correctly, Andropenis is safe.

Penis enlargement products developed by Andromedical are non-surgical treatments based on the medical principle of traction and the body's natural ability to adapt to it.

How does it work? Applied in a progressive, continuous, and adapted way, the traction force (ranging between 600 and 1,500 grams) stimulates the growth of the corpus cavernosum and the rest of the penile tissue, forcing the internal cells of the penis to extend.

The body adapts to this force by creating new cells between the newly stretched tissues.

The results recorded after the application of the principle of traction consist not only in the enlargement of the penis, but also in its thickening as shown in studies for penis enlargement.

Andropenis is a very easy to use device. Thanks to its pocket instruction manual and our "on-line" and telephone medical advice service, you will have everything you need to start your treatment.

Its use is simple and discreet, it has been designed taking into account the comfort and discretion of patients. It can be used while walking, sitting, standing, at home, at work or on the street, because it can be easily hidden under clothing. Andropenis is easy to use during the day and is easily removed.

It is very discreet and comfortable and can be worn sitting, standing or walking. Andropenis is a penile extender to be used with the penis in a flaccid state. The device can be used 4 or 9 hours a day, taking a break when necessary


Medical assistance during treatment
Androcomfort® Band: 2 units
Androtop® for Androcomfort® Band: 2 units
Androring®: 2 units
quick guide
Free eBook "100 Sex Tips"
Androsilicone®: 2 units
Androtop® for Androsilicone®: 2 units
Androshafts®: 24 Karat Gold

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