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Androextender penis extender

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Androextender penis extender
Androextender penis extender


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The Andro Extender is a new medical device based on the principle of traction, from the same manufacturers as Andropenis®

It is classified as a Type 1 Medical Device, and holds the CE health certification, mandatory in Europe.

The device is made up of a plastic ring connected to two metallic and dynamic rods into which a plastic support with a silicone rubber is fitted to hold the glans.

The AndroExtender is a device that you can put on or take off yourself, and for its discretion and comfort you can wear it while walking, sitting, standing, etc.

The AndroExtender is a penis enlargement device using the traction principle.

It is based on the reaction capacity of the tissues when subjected to a continuous traction force, which causes cell multiplication in them.

The principle of traction is applied in tissue expansion in plastic surgery, which generates skin to cover skin defects, burns or bald spots.

It is also applied in bone distraction for the lengthening of the bone diaphysis of limbs and phalanges.

In ancient cultures, this principle is used to elongate different parts of the body, such as the neck in the Paduang tribe of Burma (the giraffe-women), or the lips or ears in African or Amazonian tribes, who place prostheses or weights to lengthen them.

Prestigious scientific studies presented at international conferences demonstrate the effectiveness of these devices.

Androextender's metal shafts are made of surgical aluminum.

Medical assistance during treatment
Androcomfort® Band: 2 units
Androtop® for Androcomfort® Band: 2 units
Androring®: 2 units
Instruction CD in 27 languages (for computer use)
Instruction book in 8 languages
quick guide
Free eBook "100 Sex Tips"
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