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Satisfyer pro 3+ vibration 2020 edition clitoral stimulation air pulse sex toy

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Satisfyer pro 3+ vibration 2020 edition clitoral stimulation air pulse sex toy
Satisfyer pro 3+ vibration 2020 edition clitoral stimulation air pulse sex toy


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To achieve multiple and more intense orgasms. Satisfyer Pro 3 next generation vibration stimulates the clitoris without contact with expansive waves and exciting pulsations for greater pleasure.

Contactless clitoral stimulation
shock wave stimulation
USB magnetic charging cable Included
Lithium ion battery
Body friendly silicone
11 Programs
90% quieter
What does Next Generation Vibration offer?

Everything that women want... This toy with an oval head, an innovative technique of pressure and massage without contact for greater pleasure.

To turn on the deluxe stimulator, simply press the lower, smaller button for about 2 seconds until the lowest level of massage has been activated on the Satisfyer Pro 3 NG Vibration.

Now, open the lips of the vulva a little and separate them to leave the clitoris clear. Place the oval head with light pressure on the clitoris, so that it is in the cavity. When you have found the ideal position, you will no longer have to move the dildo.

If you want to increase the intensity, briefly press the larger, oval button. Each time you press it, the intensity will increase by one level. There are 11 intensity levels you can choose from. Starting at level 11, you can slow down one step at a time with the larger, oval button. As long as the dildo is in operation, the LED will be continuously in the user's field.

Turn on the vibration to increase the sensation of this exclusive model.

It's unbelievably cool. The product is rechargeable, which allows comfortable and cable-free handling.

Important: it must be fully charged from the first application, it is very easy with the included USB charging cable. Attach it with the two magnetic contacts in the intended and metal contact places of the dildo. If the charging cable does not stick, you can connect it to the electrical circuit and wait for a while.

This will activate the magnet and the connection of the contacts will be restored automatically. During the charging process, the LED flashes. As soon as the charging process is finished, it will light continuously.

The first charging process can take a maximum of eight hours.

If you are not satisfied with your order, write to us within 30 days for a product refund.

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